Our 2018 Speakers

  • Joseph Aamidor
    Managing Director, Aamidor Consulting (USA)

    Joseph  Aamidor  is  a  senior  product  and  market  strategy  consultant  focused  on  smart  buildings,  IoT,  energy  and  real  estate.  He  has  nearly  15  years  of  experience  in  building  and  energy  technology.  He  provides  strategic  guidance  and  advice  to  established  building  management  firms,  technology  providers,  and  early-stage  innovators.  Previously,  he  served  as  Director  of  Product  at  Lucid  Design  Group  and  was  a  product  manager  at  Johnson  Controls.

  • Richard Anderson
    Investment Director, PieLAB

    Richard Anderson is the Investment Director at Pie LAB Venture Partners, the manager of the Real Estate Industry Venture Capital Fund, Australia's first specialist Real Estate Industry Technology VC Fund.

    The fund invests in a wide range of technology and technology enabled service business that either disrupt, compete with or complement the services offered by the Australian Real Estate industry.

    The fund is a $20m fund whose investors include the who's who of residential Real Estate agents in Australia as well as well as many strategic investors who are large influencers in the Real Estate ecosystem. Technology around the "Smart House" and "Smart Building" are providing an increasingly interesting opportunity for investors in this ecosystem.

    Richard has a proven track record in investing and establishing and developing businesses and brings a broad range of commercial experience to the Pie Lab management team. Richard has worked in accounting (Grant Thornton & KPMG - Perth), finance and investment banking (Quadrex Securities – London) in Australia and the UK before establishing a financial consulting and investment firm, Evolve Capital.

    Evolve Capital has invested in and provided financial advisory services to a number of businesses in a range of industries. An accomplished entrepreneur, Richard founded Jesters Jaffle Pie Co in Western Australia and built a network of 80 stores nationally before selling the business to ASX listed Australian Agricultural Company.
    Richard was a director and shareholder of Caporn Young Estate Agents and was instrumental in developing Caporn Young to become one of the most successful and prominent real estate businesses in WA.

    Evolve Capital continues to provide financial consulting to a number of Real Estate and non Real Estate businesses.

  • Ruchika Arora
    Advance Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

    Ruchika  Arora  is  the  Solution  Architect  -  Advance  Analytics  &  Artificial  Intelligence  for  Microsoft  Services  in  APJ.  In  this  role,  Ms.  Arora  is  responsible  for  envisioning,  solutions  design,  consulting  and  delivery  of  advance  analytic  services  to  customers  and  partners.  She  works  closely  with  Microsoft’s  Enterprise  &  Partner  Group  and  Microsoft  Enterprise  Services,  as  well  as  the  various  Microsoft  product  teams  to  deliver  a  comprehensive  portfolio  of  offerings  across  APJ.

    With  fifteen  years  of  experience  working  in  many  industries  including  IT,  advisory  and  consulting  services  spanning  commercial  and  public  sector,  she  is  a  respected  leader  with  a  strong  track  record  and  extensive  knowledge  on  the  evolving  challenges  and  opportunities  experienced  by  enterprises  today,  and  how  organizations  can  prepare  themselves  for  the  future.  Ms.  Arora  holds  a  masters  in  computer  science.

  • Rita Arrigo
    Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft

    Rita  Arrigo  is  a  Chief  Digital  Advisor  at  Microsoft,  she  dreams,  designs  and  delivers  to  transform  the  business,  empower  the  employee,  deliver  new  connected  customer  experiences  and  re-invent  products.    With  experience  in  designing  transformational  digital  solutions  that  embrace  the  modern  workplace,  cognitive,  crypto-transactions  and  mixed-reality  across  multiple  industries,  she  engages  with  globally  distributed  teams;  mentor  and  motivate;  and  works  on  inclusive  accessible  design  in  an  AI  first  approach. 

    Her  work  at  Microsoft  is  focused  in  Smart  Buildings,  Connected  Manufacturing,  Digital  Health,  Connected  Vehicle  and  Experience  Design,  together  with  industry,  government  and  education  re-imagining  people,  place  and  technology  in  the  digital  world.    Her  passion  for  humanising  innovation  is  evident  in  her  view  of  the  next  boom  that  will  be  fuelled  by  the  collision  of  the  creative  and  technology  improving  of  daily  lives  and  digitally  transforming  our  cities,  lifestyle  and  play.  This  started  in  1993  when  she  co-founded  the  radio  show  Byte  Into  It  on  3RRR  aiming  to  reducing  techno  fear  and  bring  the  benefits  of  technology  to  a  larger  audience.  Since  that  she  has  launched  User  Groups,  Mentored  and  Attended  Hackathons,  Design  Thinking  to  engage  business  users  and  drive  customer  empathy  with  a  range  of  techniques  to  enable  new  technologies  to  flourish. 

    She  is  passionate  about  the  Rise  of  AI,  making  our  lives  more  human,  with  inclusive  workplaces,  rise  of  AI  for  customer  service,  the  future  of  work  with  Mixed  Reality  and  Machine  Learning  driving  more  personal  experiences,  that  will  make  our  lives  more  Human.  As  User  Interface  moves  from  SmartPhone  to  Ambient  and  Mixed  Reality,  Interactive  Design  becomes  Cognitive  Knowledge  and  Understanding,  the  new  killer  app  will  be  intelligence.  In  this  talk  She  is  listed  in  the  top  10  in  Microsoft  Global  Social  Selling  Index  and  is  currently  at  4th  place  global  in  employee  advocacy  on  Social  Media.

  • Fabian Bartnick
    Vice President, Asia Pacific & International Business, LodgIQ

    Fabian  is  the  Vice  President  of  Asia  Pacific  &  International  Business  at  LodgIQ  overlooking  all  aspects  and  operations  within  the  region  as  well  as  the  commercial  part  of  LodgIQ.  Fabian’s  career  covers  all  sides  within  hospitality  including  property,  regional  and  corporate  level  roles  as  well  as  consulting  and  technology  vendor  roles  across  4  continents  and  25  countries.  Fabian  has  helped  built  and  apply  price  optimization,  visual  analytics  and  total  revenue  management  tools  across  the  globe  and  successfully  turned  around  revenue  performance  in  many  companies  by  providing  strategic  consulting  services  as  well  developing  powerful  revenue  analytics  solutions  that  empower  the  business  to  maximize  its  revenue  potential.  Fabian  has  been  on  the  Board  of  Directors  for  HSMAI  South  East  Asa  and  currently  sits  on  the  HSMAI  Advisory  Board.

  • Kevin Burman
    National Director - Technology Solutions, Colliers International

    Kevin  Burman  has  been  with  Colliers  International  since  2008,  and  leads  the  Technology  Solutions  team,  which  delivers  IT  consultancy  and  technical  project  management  to  corporate  and  government  clients  within  Australia  and  throughout  the  Asia-Pacific  region.    He  has  had  extensive  experience  in  the  IT  industry  at  all  levels  from  technical  roles  to  senior  management  positions,  and  specialises  in  complex  mission-critical  infrastructure  and  workplace  technologies  within  office  buildings  and  data  centres.

  • Ian Cashen
    Executive Director - Building, Safety and Security, Sydney Opera House

    With  formal  training  as  a  civil  engineer,  Ian  has  more  than  20  years’  experience  in  construction  and  asset  management.  Ian’s  experience  spans  the  asset  lifecycle  including  the  development  of  strategies,  planning  and  delivery  of  capital  projects,  and  operations  and  maintenance  management. 

    Ian  joined  the  Sydney  Opera  House  in  2016  after  12  years  with  infrastructure  advisory  firm  Evans  &  Peck  (now  known  as  Advisian).  Ian  was  a  Principal  of  the  firm  responsible  for  providing  a  range  of  high  value  advisory  services  to  clients  as  well  managing  the  operations  of  the  NSW  branch  comprising  of  70  consulting  staff. 

    Ian’s  earlier  career  included  experience  in  design  and  project  management  of  high  profile  projects  including  a  number  of  the  Sydney  Olympics  venues.  With  this  as  a  foundation  Ian  developed  broader  expertise,  fulfilling  leadership  roles  for  delivery  of  major  projects  as  well  as  reform  initiatives  for  improving  operations  and  maintenance  of  major  assets.

  • Shen Chiu
    Development Director, Investa

    Shen Chiu is the National Development Director for Investa - one of Australia’s largest developers, owners and managers of commercial real estate with over $11bn in owned and managed funds. Specialising in large scale commercial office developments, he currently leads a national team delivering over $2bn worth of new commercial office buildings.Shen is also responsible for the identification and assessment of development opportunities beyond Investa’s current asset base.

    Shen has over 20 years of experience in the property industry, having originally qualified from the University of Melbourne as a structural engineer.  He has spent more than a decade working for a broad range of property developers and management consultancies in both the UK and Australia.

    As a qualified structural engineer Shen has always been an early-adopter of technology and is an IT expert and enthusiast. As an authority on property development through to building operation, he offers a grounded perspective on the commercial realities and end-to-end complexities of incorporating property technology.  Shen is one of Investa’s innovation champions and key thought leaders on the current and future use of technology, including digital twins, IoT and intelligent building design, across its entire $11bn portfolio of property assets.

  • Brent Clark
    CEO and Founder, Wattblock

    Brent  Clark  is  the  CEO  and  co-founder  of  Wattblock.  Wattblock  provides  sustainability  reports  for  strata  buildings  covering  energy  efficiency,  solar,  batteries,  smart  meters,  electric  vehicle  recharging,  gas  and  water.  It  has  offices  in  Sydney  and  Brisbane  and  has  assisted  strata  buildings  across  Australia. 

    Brent  Clark  was  Chairperson  of  a  40  unit  residential  building  and  co-ordinated  10  energy  saving  projects  to  reduce  common  area  electricity  costs  by  70%  –  a  saving  of  $16,000  per  year  or  $400  per  unit  p.a.

  • Michael Cook
    Group Executive, Investa

    From  1992  until  2000,  Michael  was  the  Senior  Asset  Manager  at  Bankers  Trust  Australia,  with  responsibility  for  the  development  and  asset  management  of  shopping  centres,  industrial  buildings,  hotels  and  office  buildings.    Michael  spent  a  short  time  at  AMP  as  the  Head  of  Co-Owned  Assets,  before  departing  Australia  for  Hong  Kong  to  work  on  the  $5  billion  IFC  Development. 

    Michael  has  been  with  Investa  for  15  years,  has  been  a  Group  Executive  for  12  years  and  has  at  various  times,  had  responsibility  for  Capital  Transactions,  Commercial  Development,  Leasing,  as  well  as  Asset  Management  and  Portfolio  Management.

    Michael’s  development  projects  included:  400  George  St,  Sydney,  the  Lord  Foster  designed  Deutsche  Bank  Place  at  126  Phillip  St,  Sydney.    He  is  currently  responible  for  60  Martin  Place. 

    Michael  has  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Political  Science,  a  Graduate  Diploma  in  Applied  Economics,  a  Graduate  Diploma  in  Urban  Estate  Management  and  is  a  “Fellow”  of  the  Australian  Property  Institute.

  • Jason Cooper
    VP Global Sales
  • James Dellow
    Director, Digital Workplace Company

    James  Dellow,  Director,  Digital  Workplace  Company,  uses  human-centred  design  and  technology  management  know-how  to  provide  masterplanning  to  help  develop  organisations  that  are  digital  first  workplaces  from  the  ground  up. 

    He  is  a  human-centred  designer,  with  a  long-standing  interest  in  the  intersection  of  people,  place  and  technology  in  workplace  design.  His  consulting  experience  includes  collaborating  with  leading  design  studios  to  help  them  develop  workplace  strategies  for  companies  such  as  AMP,  King  &  Wood  Mallesons,  Rabobank,  and  Suncorp  that  take  into  account  new  ways  of  working,  technological  developments,  and  how  people  collaborate  and  share  knowledge.

  • Dr Christian Derix
    Principal Woods Bagot & Global Leader, SuperSpace

    Dr  Christian  Derix  is  a  principal  of  Woods  Bagot  and  the  Global  Leader  of  SUPERSPACE,  the  design  research  agency  of  Woods  Bagot.  SUPERSPACE  develops  computational  platforms  for  human-centric  spatial  environments  simulating  user-experiences  employing  data  analysis,  cognitive  science  and  machine  learning.  SUPERSPACE  has  been  a  pioneer  in  computational  planning  since  2004  when  Derix  set  up  the  first  global  professional  Computational  Design  group  at  Aedas  in  London,  to  focus  on  users  and  spatial  performance.   

    Derix  holds  a  PhD  from  Technical  University  Vienna  and  has  been  researching  and  teaching  at  various  European  universities,  recently  completing  visiting  professorships  at  Technical  University  Munich,  Germany  and  University  of  Sheffield,  United  Kingdom.

  • Vincent Dermody
    Managing Director, Cohnreznick Australia

    Vincent Dermody assists clients by using architecture to establish a common vocabulary and framework for driving value-oriented decisions across business stakeholders – from senior executives to all levels of process delivery and operations. Based in Australia, he is knowledgeable in strategy planning and business architecture and has a record of success defining and delivering value-oriented change to companies in asset-intensive industries.

    Vincent consults with firms in Asia and the Americas, frequently acting in chief architect or CIO roles. He has led IT strategy development and delivery for major public companies in Australia, including one of the country’s largest publicly listed diversified property groups.
    Before joining  Cohnreznick (formerly NOI Strategies)  PTY, Ltd., Vincent was the manager and architect for innovation delivery at Intel Corporation. At Intel, he defined, sourced and delivered a workforce mobility and operations excellence program that implemented best practices in 28 facilities operating in 22 countries.

    Vincent earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Engineering from the National University of Ireland. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and is a practitioner of TOGAF Version 9.1, an enterprise architecture methodology that supports open, vendor-neutral IT standards.

  • Bruce Duyshart
    Director, Meld Strategies

    Bruce  Duyshart  is  a  technologist,  strategist  and  facilitator  with  a  professional  background  in  architecture,  planning,  design,  property  development  and  information  technology.  He  has  been  at  the  forefront  of  innovation  within  the  property  industry  for  the  past  20  years,  having  successfully  implemented  a  number  of  ground  breaking  and  award  winning  initiatives  including:  Smart  Building  Technologies,  Sustainability  Energy  Monitoring,  Fibre  to  the  Premise  (FTTP)  communications  systems  and  Web-based  project  collaboration  systems. 

    As  an  innovation  specialist,  Bruce  is  passionate  about  creating  intelligent  property  assets  and  mixed-use  developments  that  retain  long-term  market  value.  Widely  regarded  as  an  industry  leader  in  this  field,  he  achieves  successful  project  outcomes  by  working  closely  with  clients  to  develop  business  strategies  and  development  briefs  that  optimise  technological,  sustainable,  cost  effective  and  operationally  efficient  solutions  for  all  project  stakeholders. 

    He  is  also  a  published  author  and  experienced  speaker  on  a  range  of  technology  subjects.

  • Nikki (Nirit) Eylon
    Managing Director ANZ
  • Ivan Fernandez
    Industry Director, Industry Practice, Australia & New Zealand, Frost & Sullivan

    Ivan  is  the  Industry  Director  at  Frost  &  Sullivan’s  Industrial  Practice  in  Sydney.  He  has  close  to  two  decades  of  experience  in  tracking  market  and  technology  trends  across  diverse  fields  including  smart  urban  infrastructure;  energy  and  environmental  technologies;  mining  technologies;  manufacturing  technologies;  process  control  and  automation;  building  and  facilities  management;  software,  hardware  and  services  for  diverse  applications;  and  other  industry  sectors.  His  consulting  experience  has  included  market  opportunity  assessments,  end-user  analysis,  technical  and  management  due  diligence  and  competitive  analysis.   

    Clients  he  has  worked  for  include  ACCC,  Austrade,  CSIRO,  a  range  of  State  Government  departments,  utilities  and  industry  associations,  Telstra,  Siemens,  Hitachi,  ABB,  Toshiba,  Schneider  Electric,  Rockwell,  Cummins,  Eaton,  CIMIC,  Downer,  Broadspectrum,  JLL,  Programmed,  Brookfield,  etc.  He  has  managed  and  executed  diverse  studies  across  Frost  &  Sullivan’s  global  offices,  authored  numerous  reports  and  articles  for www.frost.com and  has  been  quoted  frequently  in  leading  international  business  magazines  and  industry  journals.   

    Ivan  holds  a  Masters  qualification  in  Business  Administration  (MBA)  and  in  Journalism  &  Mass  Communications,  and  was  a  topper  in  his  Advanced  Marketing  specialization  (for  the  MBA  program).  He  is  a  triple  Gold  medalist  in  his  Bachelor’s  degree.

  • Paul Fox
    Managing Director, Corran Toohill Capital

    Paul Fox is an investor, strategist, business builder, and technologist. He has held technology investment roles at Corran Toohill, AGL Energy, Southern Cross Ventures, the California Clean Energy Fund and Flex.  He is a founder of the Fast Cities EV charging network and advisor to the Enosi blockchain project. He was instrumental in creating AGL Energy Limited's New Energy subsidiary, delivering products including zero-down solar, home batteries, smart air conditioners, virtual power plants, EV charging and blockchain enabled P2P trading.  He was a VC at the California Clean Energy Fund and spent 14 years in Silicon Valley including as CEO of a smart grid company, a VP at Flextonics, and the CEO of a fuel cell company.

  • Heather Ikin
    Organisational Psychologist, Board-Approved Supervisor, National Chair, APS College of Organisational Psychology

    Heatheris  an  Organisational  Psychologist  with  over  a  decade  of  experience  spanning  health,  safety  and  wellbeing,  organisational  development,  culture  change,  leadership  development,  career  development,  recruitment  and  selection,  and  program  evaluation.  She  has  worked  with  a  variety  of  industries  across  the  private  sector,  including  Mining,  Energy,  Manufacturing,  and  Construction,  not-for-profits,  and  at  all  levels  of  government.  In  addition  to  maintaining  an  active  career  as  an  Organisational  Psychologist,  Heather  is  also  the  head  ofher  professional  association,  the  Australian  Psychological  Society  (APS)  College  of  Organisational  Psychologists.  Heather’s  national  team  of  volunteers  work  to  support  the  practice  of  Organisational  Psychology  and  promote  the  value  that  Organisational  Psychologists  contribute  to  Australian  workplaces  through  their  unique  expertise. 

    Heather  currently  works  as  an  Organisational  Development  Specialist  with  the  Queensland  Government,  where  she  specialises  in  leadership  development  and  change  management.  Her  primary  area  of  expertise  is  psychosocial  risk  management,  having  spent  many  years  working  with  organisations  to  better  understand  work-related  factors  that  increase  risks  to  the  psychological  health  of  workers.  Heather’s  focus  is  on  applying  principles  of  organisational  psychology  to  better  understand  how  to  mitigate  these  risks,  making  recommendations  regarding  improvements  to  work  and  organisation  design,  the  working  environment,  change  management,  leadership  performance,  communication,  culture,  and  employee  capability.  Heather  will  bring  a  unique  point  of  view  to  the  Summit,  having  recently  had  first-hand  experience  moving  into  a  smart  building  environment  as  one  of  approximately  5,000  public  servants  that  took  occupancy  of  ‘1  William  Street’  in  Brisbane  late  in  2016.

  • Yee Jien
    Senior Associate, John Wardle Architects

    Yee is an Architect with a broad skill set, experienced in leading projects and teams from schematic design through to completion. Yee is a valued senior member of the JWA team, respected for his clear interactions, commitment and inclusive management approach.

    With a background in delivering projects across a range of scales and market sectors, Yee has played key roles on numerous award-winning projects including the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture in 2014. Yee has worked in public, commercial, residential and master planning sectors.

    As the main point of contact for Clients, Contractors and Consultants, Yee is adept at guiding complex projects through the process of design and construction, while remaining committed to delivering high-quality outcomes through collaboration and innovation.

  • Nathan Lyon
    Head of Building Technology, Investa

    Nathan Lyon is the Head of Building Technology for Investa, Australias largest commercial office specialists who develop, manage and own over 11bn of commercial office assets.

    With over 15 years experience in the in the commercial real estate industry across both operations and development, Nathan is able to bring these phases together to provide an experienced perspective on the inherent challenges that organisations may face when technology adoption is married against existing practices. Nathan is an innovative and strategic thinker who is considered as a thought leader in the smart buildings and operational technology integration spaces.

    Nathan is passionate about creating intelligent, adaptable property assets and is responsible for the development and recommendation of technology strategies as they relate to new and existing assets, and supports the delivery and implementation of solutions which promise to  enhance  the experience  of  building  occupants,  and  increase  the  performance  and flexibility  of  the  built  environment across Investa's 11bn CRE property portfolio.

  • Ross McIntyre
    Chief Data Officer and Founder, WattBlock

    Wattblock has just published a major City of Sydney funded study into electric vehicle charging in residential strata. The study includes national survey results from over 130 strata schemes and 20 case study assessments within the City of Sydney. The report is available online here.

    Ross is the Chief Data Officer and Co-founder of Wattblock. Winner of the SCA Innovation of the Year in 2016, Wattblock has developed a “smart building” analytics platform to reduce energy waste in high-density residential buildings. Wattblock provides sustainability reports covering energy efficiency, solar, batteries, smart meters, energy trading, electric vehicle charging, gas, and water.

    Previously Ross spent 10 years working for First Data in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. He has consulted to tier 1 banks on high volume transaction data for ATMs and merchant acquiring. Ross has a Masters in finance and an honours degree specialising in product development and innovation from the University of NSW.

  • David Murray
    Customer Insights & Innovation Manager, Operational Intelligence

    David  is  the  Customer  Insights  &  Innovations  Manager  for  Operational  Intelligence.  He  has  a  strong  background  in  Automotive,  HVAC,  BMS  and  Integration  software  solutions,  developed  over  20+  years  in  the  building  services  and  automation  industry.  Throughout  his  career,  David  has  worked  with  many  customers  on  numerous  projects  and  solutions.  His  current  focus  is  working  with  building  owners,  developers  and  portfolio  managers  to  help  them  achieve  the  best  outcomes  for  asset  performance  and  human  productivity  in  the  race  for  digital  transformation  of  buildings,  cities  and  workspaces.

  • Johanna Pitman
    Program Director, CityConnect

    Johanna  Pitman  directs  BlueChilli’s  latest  accelerator  program,  CityConnect:  an  open  innovation  program  to  co-create  solutions  addressing  the  biggest  challenges  facing  the  world’s  urban  communities.  Prior  to  BlueChilli,  Johanna  was  the  Deputy  CEO  for  the  Committee  for  Sydney,  an  independent  think-tank  advocating  for  global  best  practice  in  city-making.  Johanna  brings  a  deep  understanding  of  urban  issues  and  economic  development,  through  senior  roles  in  Federal  and  State  agencies,  and  the  UK  Government's  overseas  trade  network.  Johanna  is  passionate  about  connecting  the  right  players  to  create  smart  cities  that  are  prosperous,  inclusive  and  liveable  for  all.

  • Matt Pope
    Founder, SpaceConnect

    Matt  is  the  founder  of  Space  Connect,  an  IoT  based  workplace  utilisation  &  collaboration  platform  specialising  in  artificial  intelligence  and  algorithmic  machine  learning.  Matt  has  over  12years  experience  in  the  public  and  private  sector  with  both  business  strategy  &  enterprise  software  development.  Space  Connect’s  vision  isto  enable  natural  office  collaboration  through  intelligence  space  management.

  • Linda Rudd
    Head of Asset Management Services, Knight Frank

    Operating  within  the  property  industry  for  over  12  years  Linda  has  actively  managed  a  mix  of  commercial,  retail  and  industrial  property  portfolios  both  in  Australia  and  the  UK.  Linda’s  experience  in  asset  management  has  included  A  Grade  office  towers  in  Sydney,  trophy  Central  London  buildings  to  business  parks  and  industrial  assets.  Linda  works  nationally  across  the  Knight  Frank  Asset  Management  business  to  drive  consistency  of  service  delivery  and  performance,  developing  effective  service  delivery  models  that  suit  client  requirements,  working  closely  with  the  property  teams  to  deliver  the  outcomes  that  have  been  committed.  Linda’s  key  strengths  lie  in  her  close  alignment  with  the  Knight  Frank  teams  and  ability  to  understand  and  deliver  the  client’s  vision.  Linda’s  ability  to  identify,  formulate  and  implement  asset  strategies  and  business  plans,  along  with  her  attention  to  detail  and  ability  to  handle  complex  negotiations  has  positioned  Linda  as  a  key  advisor  to  Knight  Frank

  • Mark Smink
    Chief Information Security Officer - Asia Pacific
  • Danai Stamp
    Business Improvement Manager, Integrated Facilities Management
  • Sajid Suddozai
    Engineering Director, Command Centre, Asia Pacific, JLL

    A  dedicated  professional  who  has  more  than  17  years  of  industry  experience  in  various  sectors  primarily  inMarine  engineering,  ,building  services  engineering  (critical  environments,  Data  Centers  management  Tier  III  &  IV),  Manufacturing-semi  conductor  industry  ,  Industrial  Management  including  Management  of  large  asset  portfolios  in  Asia  pacific  regions. 

    I  have  developed  implemented  and  managed  various  contracts  arrangements,  supported  in  complex  environments  with  industry  contestability.  Currently  working  on  intelligent  building  management  platforms  using  IoT  for  clients.  This  new  product  provides  real  estate  owners  and  occupiers  with  advanced  management  data  collection,  analytics  and  operational  knowledge  for  real-time,  remote  monitoring  of  buildings  and  facilities.

  • Neil Temperley

    Executive Product Manager - Future Cities, Transport and Logistics Living Lab Mentor, Data61 CSIRO

    Dr Neil Temperley is part of Data61’s product management team focusing on future cities and the role of data and analytics to solve future city challenges.  Neil advocates a ‘cities by design’ approach where future user-focused vision drives our understanding of the future role of data.
    He believes in the power of living lab collaboration to drive both effective innovation and industry culture transformation.

    Leveraging a background in engineering, science and industry engagement, Neil has helped establish two industry clusters including Australia’s first Living Laboratory in 2011. This cluster and knowledge hub focussed on collaborative projects and challenges in Transport and Logistics.

    Neil sits on the board of the Australian Living Lab Innovation Network and the industry board of the Australian Smart Communities Association.

  • Carolyn Trickett
    Regional Director, Head of Business Technology, Property & Asset Management, JLL

    Carolyn Trickett is passionate about using technology as a strategic enabler for business innovation and growth.  Her experience as an IT professional spans 25 years across a broad range of industries and technology; including nine years in property, eight years in telecommunications, and seven years in SAP software integration.

    As the Head of Business Technology for JLL Property & Asset Management, Carolyn drives IT strategy, delivery and support across the Asia Pacific region.  Over the last nine years, she has delivered a systems transformation program that has re-engineered the day to day functions for staff and provides clients with a continually improving reporting and service delivery suite. 

    Her latest success at JLL was the design and delivery of JLL Acumen - an enterprise data warehouse and reporting system which provides staff and clients with access to portfolio and property performance data through dashboards, reports and data analysis tools.

  • Toni Trumbull
    Client Executive, Willow

    Toni’s  passion  for  emerging  technologies,  combined  with  her  15  years’  experience  in  the  commercial  property  industry,  has  created  an  exciting  opportunity  given  the  continuing  rise  of  Proptech. 

    Toni’s  background  in  the  CRE  space  has  traditionally  been  in  analytical,  asset  management  and  client  relationship  roles  across  the  office,  industrial  and  retail  markets.  Having  previously  worked  for  large  institutions  including  Macquarie  Bank,  ANZ  and  JLL,  Toni  has  now  embarked  on  a  journey  with  EG  Funds  Management  as  their  Digital  Innovation  Manager  to  explore  big  data,  AI,  blockchain  and  many  other  innovative  opportunities  enhancing  the  built  environment.

  • Ron Victor
    CEO, IoTium

    Ron Victor is a Silicon Valley-based technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and expertise launching new ventures at startups and Fortune 1000 technology companies.

    To date he has enabled raising more than $30 million in startup capital for multiple startups in Silicon Valley. Ron has founded and led three companies to date with successful exits. His latest venture is IoTium Inc. a Silicon Valley startup that provides a secure, cloud-managed, easy-to-deploy software defined network infrastructure for all IoT verticals. IoTium's secure, horizontal, dynamically-configurable and scalable IoT network infrastructure solution significantly reduces the complexities for any IoT deployment including smart cities, smart grids, building automation, energy installations, industrial automation, transportation and more.

    Prior to launching IoTium, Ron was vice president of marketing and business development of Wireless Industrial Technologies, an industrial IoT company providing IoT solutions for heavy industry such as aluminum smelters, copper tank houses and more.

    Ron's experience and expertise cover a vast range of activities ranging from global business development, strategic planning, sales and marketing, intellectual property and engineering development. His domain experience and expertise includes, IoT, wireless networking, VoIP, streaming media and broadband.

    Ron is also the founding volunteer and president of Vibha Inc., a completely volunteer driven registered 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States and India. Vibha's mission is to ensure every underprivileged child attains his right to health, education and opportunity. To date the organization has raised and disbursed over $13 million dollars through over 250 social entrepreneur driven projects impacting the lives of over 300,000 underprivileged children.

  • Leon Wurfel
    CEO & Founder, Bueno

    Leon Wurfel is the founder and CEO of BUENO. Leon founded BUENO 5 years ago becoming the first mover in Australia in the operational property analytics space. Over the 5 years the team at BUENO has grown to 60 people, a global presence, and an install base of >1,300 buildings covering more than 15 million square metres. Leon is considered a thought leader in the smart buildings and operational big data spaces and regularly presents at conferences in Australia and abroad.