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  • Operational Intelligence
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    Operational Intelligence
  • Johnson Controls
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    Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions is making the world safer, smarter and more sustainable – one building at a time. Our technology portfolio integrates every aspect of a building – whether security systems, energy management, fire protection or HVACR – to ensure that we exceed customer expectations at all times. We operate in more than 150 countries through our unmatched network of branches and distribution channels, helping building owners, operators, engineers and contractors enhance the full lifecycle of any facility. Our arsenal of brands includes some of the most trusted names in the industry, such as Tyco®, YORK®, Metasys®, Ruskin®, Titus®, Frick®, PENN®, Sabroe®, Simplex® and Grinnell®.

  • IPD

    IPD, a privately-owned Australian company with a national footprint servicing the electrical industry. We have been providing recognized global brands such as Socomec, DEHN and Elsteel into the Australian market for over 60 years. ABB has recently appointed us as their distributor for the 415V switchboard manufacturer channel and low voltage power distribution solutions. Our product range includes Power Distribution, Protection & Control, Power Monitoring and Renewables.

    IPD has an extensive technical sales network of more than 70 employees across Australia, backed by a national customer service centre. We extend value additions to customers through in-house design, estimating and manufacturing.

  • Facilio/DSRUPT

    Headquartered in New York (USA), with operations in UAE and India, Facilio offers an enterprise-wide platform solution for real-time facilities operations & maintenance (O&M). Facilio harnesses IoT and AI to centrally consolidate existing building systems and automation data across portfolio, onto the cloud. It offers applications and modules for property owners and service providers to effectively manage and control portfolio-wide O&M activities in real-time, organise maintenance, compliance, and vendor workflows, improve asset lifecycle and sustainability performance, and engage with tenants.

    Founded in May 2017, Facilio is currently used by leading enterprises to optimise over 30million sq.ft of space globally.

  • BSA

    The BSA Group is a leading provider of asset management solutions across Australia. As part of our commitment to be an indispensable client partner, we have expanded our services across building integration and automation, energy management and Internet of Things (IoT).

    Our global network of subject matter experts, multi-disciplined engineers and strategic partners enable us to bring the latest and best technologies available from around the world. This strong collaboration and integration of sustainable practices across our organisation and service solutions drive our leadership in bringing holistic smart building solutions to a diverse range of clients in the built environment.

  • Nube iO
    Nube iO

    Nube iO is an IoT company with a focus on developing IoT solutions for the built environment. With a focus on data extraction and integration, Nube iO's cloud and edge devices makes data more accessible, and automation more efficient for businesses of all sizes. Our technology is designed to enable interoperability between sub-systems as well as other 3rd party enterprise applications.

    To find out more visit: www.nube-io.com

  • WEQA

    WEQA offers a simple and intuitive enterprise platform to optimise space utilisation and create efficient and effective people-centric workplace. Our easily implementable and highly configurable wayfinding solution along with dynamic smart lockers are the entry for users into their friction-less work day.

    Our technological solutions are innovative, sustainable, cost effective and most importantly, help organisations connect their people and workplaces. Our focus is to enhance user collaboration and interaction to foster productive and healthy work environment.

  • Thyssenkrupp

    Your global urban mobility leader - thyssenkrupp is a global leading elevator, escalator and moving walkway provider with unique innovation and engineering capabilities. Our advanced vertical transportation solutions for smart buildings provides a smooth and swift passenger experience that surpasses expectations. When designing a new state-of-the-art building or modernising an existing one, we deliver long-term benefits. We’re committed to delivering intelligent solutions that provide efficient passenger movement, enhance building performance and drive industry innovations now and into the future.

  • WideSky

    Do you want to add value to your business, or your customer’s business, by delivering critical data infrastructure based on cloud and IoT platforms, with:

    • no undue vendor lock-in,
    • no need to employ scarce techos,
    • no loss of ownership of your own valuable data?

    The WideSky platform has been developed on the basis of more than 40 years of experience in industrial automation\information systems to relieve end user organisations of the above tyrannies, at IoT scale and with banking industry levels of data security.

    We have designed our platform to be the most open and easy to use enterprise scale platform on the market. We have made it agnostic as to: device type, data network type, industry data model standards and connections to third part BI\analytics tools; in order to maximise your insulation from vendor lock-in and implementation complexity.

    If this sounds like you, then do yourself a favour and try WideSky - Born in the Cloud with Haystack and Thread Inside.

  • CABA
    Supporting partner

    The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is a leading international, not-for-profit, industry organization that promotes advanced technologies in homes and buildings. Its 380 strong corporate members and 27,000+ individual industry contacts are leaders in advancing integrated home systems and building automation worldwide.

    To find out more visit: https://www.caba.org/

  • HyperIn Inc.
    Knowledge Partner
    HyperIn Inc.

    HyperIn is the leading retail real estate management platform that brings an award-winning, game-changing solution for people who MANAGE shopping malls. We provide all the tools for multi-channel communication, collaboration and integration between retail real estate, tenants and service providers. You can MONETIZE spaces to outside advertisers and marketers. You have always up-to-date information that you can use to CONNECT to consumers and understand them.

    Read more www.hyperin.com

  • Australian Property Journal
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    Australian Property Journal

    Australian Property Journal is Australia's number one for commercial property, residential real estate, investment, trusts and REITs news. Daily property and real estate news from around Australia. Covering real estate investment trusts, commercial property, investment, transactions, sales, leases, property research, residential, auction clearance rates in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra and much more.

    Find out more: www.australianpropertyjournal.com.au/