Why you need to be at Smart Buildings Summit 2017

Discuss how the Internet of Things is fundamentally changing the way buildings are designed, built and operated
Hear about the advantages of buildings powered by IoT
Understand the difference between building automation and IoT applications
See how AI, BIoT and advanced modeling tools are enabling high performance buildings
Learn how IoT technology is adding value for real estate companies by enhancing the tenant experience and enabling better portfolio risk
Learn about the most important considerations when deciding to invest in smart building solutions
Find out how to upgrade and improve existing ‘Intelligent’ Buildings that are equipped with controls and sensors
Hear how to overcome the technical challenges related to equipment, components, systems, and interfaces within buildings
Gain insights on how to collect and manage data from people, sensors, connected equipment and existing enterprise systems and external system information
Understand how to use data generated through connected systems to differentiate services and identify new revenue opportunities
Learn why Converged Building Networks are the foundation of a true Intelligent Building
Get insights around planning and deployment practices for supporting device density
Learn about smart building cyber vulnerabilities and strategies to create more cyber secure systems